A Single Source Dealer Solution

ThreeClix provides 21st Century communication solutions empowering your dealership with the ability to respond to all customer and prospect inquiries real time. ThreeClix provides immediate value by increasing sales and service productivity through automated, targeted communication with rapid response. ThreeClix offers real time solutions that address your dealership’s Lead Management, Service Scheduling, Nurture Marketing, and Website Best Practices.

ThreeClix, built on Red Oak Marketing’s proven Communication Engine, delivers the most advanced real time communication solutions in the industry. Offering services that meet the immediate demands of the 21st Century Consumer, ThreeClix provides your dealership the power to dazzle your prospects and customers by offering the ability to act, track and respond to any Internet request, from any source, immediately and effectively - all from a single source platform. Partner with ThreeClix and watch your dealership become more efficient while saving time and money.

John Trkla, published author of the 21st Century Consumer, presented to NMMA members on Nov. 10. Watch this presentation and learn more about the ThreeClix philosophy.

Are you tired of logging into multiple systems with multiple passwords?